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        About Marriage Gift List

        We designed a website to give couples and their wedding guests an innovative way to choose and buy wedding gifts.

        About Marriage Gift List

        We know that organising a wedding can be both exciting and stressful, and we are here to make things that little bit easier by offering a helping hand. We give couples easy access to pick and choose from a wide range of gifts from any online stores. The choice is yours and it's free!

        Price data collected by the Daily Telegraph found that many other sites "force guests to pay up to twice as much for gifts than elsewhere on the internet". At Marriage Gift List you are getting exactly what you ask for at the price that you find, with no additional fees.

        So how does Marriage Gift List make money? We earn commissions on purchases made via our website links and these commission payments help us increase the functionality of the website and keep it free to use for couples and guests.

        We make it really easy for your guests to access the list, share your unique link or send out our invitation cards. We have partnered with Moo to bring you a beautiful selection of Marriage Gift List invitation & thank you cards for your wedding guests. Personalise the cards with the website address and list ID to make it a breeze for your guests to log in.

        Marriage Gift List has simple instructions to follow and handy tutorial videos. Once a gift has been bought by one of the wedding guests, it will be removed from the list and that guest will appear in the "Thank you manager" where you can keep track of which guests you have sent your thank you cards to.

        A List Manager can be appointed, so that someone can take charge of the list. This means that anyone buying gifts through more traditional means can simply let the List Manager know.

        Now go ahead and create the perfect gift list for your wedding. Start your list now and register for FREE!

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